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Summer can bring extreme temperatures in many places across the world. In some places of the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and certain arid regions of Africa, temperatures may rise above 45°C. During summer because of high temperature and high humidity, the human body loses excessive amount of water through sweating. If the amount of water loss exceeds water intake, it may cause dehydration.

People who work outside, travel during daytime, children and elderly people need to take special attention to prevent dehydration in summer. Dehydration can also affect people during heavy exercise during summer months.


Now, let us look at some food items, which helps to become hydrated in summer:

 1. Water:

`Another name of water is life`. There is no better substitute than water to hydrate yourself. Due to high temperature and humidity, the body loses water and electrolytes through sweating. In summer, if our body does not maintain proper water balance or loses more water than the consumption, our urine becomes yellowish. Yellowish urination is also an indication of dehydration.

For men around 3-3.5 lit, for women around 2.5-3 lit and for children (pre-school, school going) around 1-2 lit of fluid intake is advisable in summer.


2. Homemade lime water:

Other beverages can also substitute water to achieve the required fluid intake. One such example is limewater. Lime water is a very refreshing drink, especially in summer. Lime is an acidic fruit and contains vitaminC. Due to acidic nature, it helps to secrete more saliva, which helps to feel hydrated. In summer, our mouth becomes dry and we feel thirstier. Lime water helps to fill that demand.

Due to the presence of vitamin C, it also helps to prevent skin from acne, pimples and helps to maintain the natural glow of the skin. Lime also act as an antioxidant, which also helps in digestion, boost the immune system and reduce body weight. Therefore, lime water is not only helps to meet the demand of fluids but it also very healthy drink for our body.

How to prepare:

  • For refreshment:

1. Take one glass of cold or normal water.

2. One piece of lime press on it.

3. Add sugar and salt according to taste and mix well. Now your refreshing, cold and energetic drink is ready to serve.

You can take this drink anytime especially when you come from outside, after heavy physical activity. In the case of diabetes type II, you need to avoid sugar.


  • For best result:

1. Take one glass of warm water

2. Take one piece of lime and one teaspoon of honey to add on it and mix it well.

Drink it every morning with empty stomach to boost up your energy and reduce your weight.


3. Water-containing fruits:

Various types of fruits are available in summer. These fruits can be explored not only for their taste but also to keep yourself hydrated.

Fruits are a good source of vitamin, minerals, and fibers. Almost every fruit contain some significant amount of water. In summer, fruits are a good option for hydration as well as beneficial for health also.

Some water-containing fruits are cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, mango, strawberry, etc. The water content of all these fruits is around 80-92%. Fruit juice is also a good option for hydration, but whole fruits are better nutritionally.

Diabetes type II patients need to consume these fruits like mango, grape, sapota and pineapple, etc occationally.


4. Yogurt and lassi:

Yogurt is a very good source of protein, vitamin and minerals. Probiotics, which are known as good bacteria, are present in yogurt. Also, water content of yogurt is around 80%. Therefore, it helps to improve digestion, keeps hydrated, helps in weight reduction and gives our body several beneficial nutrients. In summer, you can take it regularly.

Lassi is a very famous cold beverage, especially in India. It is made of yogurt and water. In summer, if you want to feel cool then try this drink regularly. It not only helps to fulfill your thirst, but it can also revive your energy.

How to prepare lassi:

1. Take two-three tablespoon of plain yogurt and put it into the mixer.

2. Add one glass of cold water to the yogurt. You can also add snowflakes in water to make it colder.

3. Add salt and sugar according to taste and mix it well. Your drink is now ready to serve.


5. Cold beverages (tea and coffee):

Most of the people around the world are like to drink tea, coffee, once, or more in a day. In summer, tea or coffee can be consumed in a cold form. It helps to fill yourself more hydrated as well as boost up your energy. These beverages are good antioxidants, therefore they also helps in weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease. A limited amount of tea or coffee is good for your health.


Thus, these are some items, which will really help to keep you hydrated in summer. Be more energetic and charming with good foods and make your summer cool.



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